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Installation Guide

TacoNets Three Pocket Cargo Net for 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma - Patent Pending Design

  • Wear protective eye gear such as safety glasses when stretching, fastening, or releasing hooks.

  • Ensure that net is securely attached so items do not fall out during transit.

  • Only attach to fixed surfaces of vehicle, do not attach hooks from cargo net to itself.

  • Do not use to hold large or flat surfaces which react to wind, like plywood or mattresses.

  • Do not stretch the cord more than 50% or this could cause failure of the cord or hook and result in serious eye or other injury.

  • Inspect cord before use.

  • Do not use if cord is frayed or hooks are bent or damaged.

  • Contracts like a rubber band. Do not stretch cord toward or away from you to avoid being struck by hooks. Pull to one side and keep your face and body away from the rebound path.

  • Store indoors.

  • Polypropylene Bungee cargo nets are consumable products and will weather after prolonged use or exposure to the elements and weather.

  • The manufacture is not liable for accidents caused by material deterioration or improper use.

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